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Our Photographers and Image Technicians

Why You Should Use Virtual Tours

When you advertise online, our services can help you achieve more exposure and gain the edge that you need.

Using our Virtual Tour technology to enhance their visibility, Companies have seen their business increase and marketing objectives fulfilled in a number of ways. Customers or Clients are able to commence their home shopping online and narrow the number of homes they wish to tour or make holiday plans from a remote location. Virtual Tours provide 24/7 viewing.

From photo shoot to production and implementation our focus is on the relationship - between our company and yours and more importantly between you and your customers.

SeeVirtual Marketing & Photography takes great care when representing your company. You can feel confident in the knowledge that you are promoting a company that will demonstrate the utmost respect for the client’s home. Our photographers spend time talking to the realtor, homeowner or business owner, ensuring that the best features are captured.

Preparation for the Virtual Tour:

To make your experience as pleasant and successful as possible, we have included some suggestions of what can be done before our photographer arrives.

  • no cars in the driveway or parked in front of the house
  • garage doors should be closed
  • hide remote controls and put newspapers and magazines away
  • turn on all the ceiling lights
  • have pets locked up in another room and hide cat scratch posts, pet beds and food dishes
  • try to have the backyard as tidy as possible, toys and such should be hidden
  • in the kitchen, make sure the counters are as clear as possible
  • try to minimize the amount of people that are home
  • try to minimize clutter

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