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The new 360 tour for the Michael J. Fox Theatre is everything that we expected it would be! Kudos to your photographers and technical staff for excellent work - the very fast response to customer service items is most appreciated as well.

Jim Dobbs, Director of Operations
Michael J. Fox Theatre

I couldn't be happier with the service I have received from your company. I have taken so many reservations because people have done the virtual tour and feel they have a good sense of what our B&B is like. I just took a booking yesterday and another guest said just how great the site was and he made up his mind right away as to which B&B he wanted to stay with. Thank you for a job well done - it has made a big difference to our B&B in a time when the tourist industry is not exactly flourishing.

It has been great working with you.

White Rock B&B

We love the virtual tours of our facilities, great job! We are very happy with your photography and outstanding service. I will e-mail all my collegues in the BC and Alberta YMCA system and will send your company's contact numbers to other Provinces and YMCA Canada.

YMCA Chilliwack

I called the Sellers, they said Shannon was just awesome, and took lots of photos, didn’t rush things, and that she felt as if she had made a new best friend.
Lastly, re: the new listing in Pitt Meadows v-tour and photos: They look fabulous!!!! Whatever you folks do, it certainly brings out the best in showcasing the homes we list.
Thank you so much for the great service, and all the help way above and beyond the call of duty! It is totally appreciated.

Lynn Pedersen, Royal LePage Wolstencroft

You folks are absolutely fantastic!!! You're so quick, courteous & professional.........Love it! You've got my Biz that's for sure. Thanks alot.

Pat Deroche, Royal LePage Wolstencroft

"Both time and timing are critical in the real estate business. I am continuously looking for efficiencies and am pleased to endorse SeeVirtual360 as one of the ways in which I can delivery professional quality in a timely manner to my clients.

With SeeVirtual360, one appointment yields still photographs, a virtual tour plus a floorplan - all of the highest quality. This means only one appointment for my clients and only one phone call for me. Everyone's happy.

The service is fast, the professionals at 360 are accommodating and my clients are extremely happy with the results!"

Donna Leyland, Re/Max Select Properties

"Thanks for the opportunity to stay on top of the increasing demand by the public for all the tools to make information available.

I have found the Virtual tour especially helpful because I have been able to not only direct potential buyers but other realtors to the site to preview the listing if there was any question as to whether the property would be suitable. I have found that even a small condo can look attractive and appealing when on the virtual tour. It is one of the least expensive ways of spending my advertising dollars as the cost is about the same as a one time ad in the Advisor. I find that there are an increasing number of buyers and sellers online and that is where they do their preliminary search before contacting a realtor. It is a great, effective tool that stretches my advertising dollars. Thanks."

Gale Woodward
HomeLife Benchmark Realty (White Rock)

I just wanted to thank you for another great Virtual Tour production. I have found virtual tours to be a great new selling tool. Virtual tours attract buyers from the internet and have been excellent at reinforcing buyer showings.

The use of virtual tours is also a good way to differentiate my marketing strategy in competitive listing presentations. My sellers' have always been impressed by the productions from your company.

I have never been disappointed by your company's tour production. The photographers I have worked with are great at the staging of shots and 360 tours. I can see they take pride in their work. I don't mind paying a little more when I can be assured of the best production quality.

Richard Symington, Re/max Real Estate Services

Advantages for using Virtual Tour:

  • Pictures are taken by a professional and the wide angle camera takes superior still pictures - you get better pictures
  • Tours are booked within a short time of ordering - they take care of contacting the Vendor and making the appointment.
  • Less than ½ hour in home is needed to shoot tour - saves time going to the home to shoot pictures (if I want to see the house, I go when tour is booked).
  • Virtual Tour is normally up and running within a day or two of shooting - much faster that most realtors can get pictures taken, developed and emailed in.
  • It is easy to make notes for advertising from Virtual Tour and pictures.
  • Pictures are emailed to Real Estate Board for site.
  • The site has very clear pictures.
  • A copy of pictures can be emailed to realtor if desired
  • An acknowledgement is sent to the realtor advising the tour is up and running and giving the URL address
  • Seevirtual360 printable highlight sheet is a nice hand-out for clients/realtors.
  • 360 degree shot from printable feature sheet can be imported.
  • Still shots can be imported - this is faster than scanning so a lot of time is saved.
  • Saves time and money going to store to have pictures developed.

Heather Samis For Edith Katronis
HomeLife Benchmark Realty Cloverdale

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