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What is a virtual tour?

A virtual tour is a 360 degree image of an area or space that can be viewed from your computer. The viewer gets the sense of actually walking through the space getting a sneak preview of what is being offered

What areas do you work in?

We have photographers throughout British Columbia and Alberta. Give us a call and we can discuss your needs. Toll Free 1-866-251-1244

Is there anything I need to do to prepare for the tour photographers?

Preparation for the Virtual Tour:

To make your experience as pleasant and successful as possible, we have included some suggestions of what can be done before our photographer arrives.

  • no cars in the driveway or parked in front of the house
  • garage doors should be closed
  • hide remote controls and put newspapers and magazines away
  • turn on all the ceiling lights
  • have pets locked up in another room and hide cat scratch posts, pet beds and food dishes
  • try to have the backyard as tidy as possible, toys and such should be hidden
  • in the kitchen, make sure the counters are as clear as possible
  • try to minimize the amount of people that are home
  • try to minimize clutter

What is the cost and how do I order?

If you click on: “order a virtual tour here
You can down load an order form in Microsoft Word or PDF formats. We also have an on-line order form that you can use to order your tour.
The pricing for Real Estate services is on the order forms and you can call toll free: 1-866-251-1244, local 217 for more information on costs for corporate or business virtual tours.

If you need more information please view our Support Page

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